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About Us

Rosemary Wroe who has over 35 years teaching experience in Early Years has created a warm, safe, enriched environment in which children’s opinions are valued and their self-esteem is nurtured. Children are inspired to learn and to develop to their full potential through a variety of multisensory activities that ignite their imagination and creativity.

Creative Arts strives to provide opportunities for learning through play and exploration using all the senses, catering for all learning styles (visual, auditory or kinesthetic).

Rosemary was a member of the task force that founded Twin Rivers Primary School in 1991 and has been involved in the writing of Pre-School books and manuals for many years. Rosemary was involved with St Mary’s Early Learning Centre, the National Training and Resource Centre for the Early Childhood Education and Care Programme. She was a trainer at the first workshop for Early Childhood Care and Educational trainers, held under the auspices of the Regional Training and Resource Centre from 1986 – 1991 to empower teachers to be more effective by providing a holistic approach to teaching.

Mission Statement
We are committed to providing each student with stimulating, challenging learning experiences within a safe, nurturing environment. Our partnership of students, parents, staff and community strives to develop and inspire children to become life long learners and critical thinkers.

The School
The School has been committed to providing a challenging pre-school education for the last 30 years and through participation in the National Arts Exhibition and Allied Arts, has gained strong recognition within the field of art at pre-school level.

What  we believe
- Each child learns in different ways and at different rates.
- Given the opportunity, each child has the potential to be successful
- A challenging, stimulating environment fosters positive growth
- Quality product is vital in a competetive society
- A positive school culture enhances the total school experience

Our Song
We are the kids from Creative Arts
We are here to steal your hearts
We love to sing
And we love to play
And we learn something new every day

We are the Big Class- cool and clever
Noisy - maybe- naughty - never
Our teachers  says we're the best
At painting, drawing and all the rest

We are the baby class - full of fun
We love to talk and count and run
We love our teachers yes we do
But most of all we love you!