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Number Work

Number artwork done by Gina - Aged 5

Sew a Plate

  • Materials: Paper plate
  • Crayons & Markers
  • Punch
  • Yarn/wool/ribbon/raffia
  • Plastic needles
  • Scissors
What to do:
  • Write a number in the centre of each plate
  • Encourage & invite children to draw a picture showing correct number, for example, suggest they draw three apples/flowers or balls for the number 3.
  • When they finish, help children punch holes around the edge of the plate
  • Tie a piece of yarn to the first hole or tape to the bottom of the plate (help children thread their plastic needle, if they are using one.  If they are not using a needle, wrap a piece of tape around the end of the yarn (apply nail polish to end and squeeze until dry)
  • Show them how to weave the yarn through the openings.  Tie a knot when they finish their border
  • Invite the children to decorate their plates with markers.
More to do
  • Maths – arrange the plates in order while singing a counting song
    Play a counting game with books, blocks, animals or even the children’s shoes; place the correct number of objects to each plate.
  • Continuing concepts – Design a colourful number line.  Make moveable card paper figures in the shape of the number by using round head paper fasteners.