Early learning experiences in movement provides a wide variety of holistic sensory experiences that sparks imagination, nourishes creative self expression that is vital to development of a healthy self-concept, body coordination and the facilitation of future learning and life enjoyment.


  • Each task is walked through
  • Easy instructions are given with concurrent demonstration
  • Opportunities of exploration and sensitivity given to individual body types.
  • All lessons offer developmentally appropriate motor skills
  • All experiences and challenges foster an appreciation, understanding in physical accomplishments

Posture work

  • Maintains joint mobility
  • Helps the child become conscious of their bodies
  • Enables the child to look after their bodies and learn how it works
  • Children learn how to enjoy life and make healthy choices

Mental Benefits

  • Improves self confidence
  • Simple exercise techniques are useful in helping children become focused.
  • Constructive affirmation received through physical accomplishment develops good communication skills, growth in leadership, good critical thinking and creative skills

Ball Skills

Effectively give opportunity for developing hand/eye coordination and visual tracking skills, giving the child every opportunity to become successful in a full range of movement involving large and small muscle groups.

Bean Bags
Enhance challenging movement activities where the child learns through discovery by promoting sensory function (Vision Hearing Touch).
Gym sticks
Gym sticks offers the child a wide variety of movements that exercise muscles and integrate a wide variety of kinaesthetic play.

Hoop Activities
To develop basic movement skills, self- confidence and self -awareness through participation in motor tasks which are challenging and fun.

Rope Activities
Helps to develop the child’s ability to organise appropriate patterned motor responses to verbal challenges.